Saturday, January 21, 2012

Become an African Ireporter

maravipost and the africaglobalvillage(AGV) is inviting readers to set up profile pages packed with personal details. Like Twitter, you can follow other iReporters, MARAVIPOST reporters and interest-based groups, and like the maravipost and AGV  facebook  pages, a newsfeed provides a stream of updates.

Like Foursquare, your profiles will  be rewarded with badges awarded for being an active iReporter for either the africaglobalvillage or the maravipost. It's to keep people coming back, and also a way to promote your blog.

We are encouraging our Malawi and Africa Global ireporters to set the trend of news in Africa and Malawi. BBC or New york times has a different audience in mind. We are reporting for Africa  

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