Sunday, January 25, 2015

Brothers kill brothers, Remembering Patrick Karegeya

 Just over a year ago, Patrick Karegeya was murdered in an upscale hotel in South Africa. He was found strangled under suspicious circumstances with a trail of clues that leave few questions in discovering the perpetrator of this crime.  There was no money taken from the victim, no valuables were missing from the hotel or his home and only his cellphones were taken by his murderers and were found shortly later when they were discovered being powered on in Rwanda. The motive of this crime was clearly an intelligence mission and not a random robbery.

On Sunday January 19, 2015 friends, family and comrades of the late Patrick Karegeya gather in Boston, Massachusetts to honor him and celebrate the life he led. The weekend was filled with celebrations, reunions, discussions, parties and tears.  The apex of the weekend was a beautiful memorial service held in an elaborate hotel ballroom under the watchful eye of the Boston Police department.   Brothers kill brothers, Remembering Patrick Karegeya

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