Thursday, January 22, 2015

DR Congo unrest: Catholic church backs protests

At least 11 people have so far been been killed in the protests.
It is the worst unrest in the capital, Kinshasa, since the riots which broke out after Mr Kabila won a second term in disputed elections in 2011.
Mr Kabila, who first took power in 2001 following the assassination of his father Laurent, is constitutionally barred from running for another term in elections due next year.
The opposition accuses the government o trying to stage a "constitutional coup"
'Dormitories ablaze'
The opposition says government plans for a census are a ploy to delay the poll so that he can hang on to power.
The government admits the election could be delayed, but says the census is vital to ensure polls are free and fair.DR Congo unrest: Catholic church backs protests

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