Monday, January 19, 2015

T.B. Joshua Lambasts Money Hungry Pastors, Politicians

 Nigerian Pastor T.B. Joshua cautioned pastors against trying to compel people to give offerings in the church and politicians against trying to force people to love them through wild promises made during elections. “It’s Scriptural to ask for offering and tithes but it has to come from the heart,” the cleric told his congregation in an impromptu message. “Anything that does not come from your heart becomes a curse to the person you give… We ministers of God should allow the congregation to bless us, not curse us with their possessions.” 

He cited the case of people who attain wealth through bribery and corruption, insisting that the repercussions are severe. “If you collect a bribe, you can’t get anywhere with it. You may be rich now but at the end of your life, you will cry,” he admonished in a message televised live on Christian television station Emmanuel TV. 

“Let me suffer now and laugh tomorrow. Let me be poor now and blessed tomorrow. That should be the life we live,” he added.

The known philanthropist counselled people to consider history to learn lessons from those in the past who lived big through corrupt means. “If somebody becomes so rich, if what he is having that made him to be rich is not from people’s hearts - it’s by corruption or bribery - you will cry for the person someday.”

T.B. Joshua Lambasts Money Hungry Pastors, Politicians: T.B. Joshua Lambasts Money Hungry Pastors, Politicians

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