Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Roving Former President; Her Excellency Joyce Banda

The current administration in Malawi should be commended in
the way they have handled the former President. Unlike the former President who
rushed to jail the current President and his close associates; the current leader
of Malawi has not done that. Even when the former President’s name was
mentioned by “Cash-gate” suspects that the former President was “involved” in
the plunder of resources from government resources, no one went knocking on her
door to ask her to go to her local police station to them with their inquiries.
That’s unique on this Continent in matters like this.

 Nevertheless, should
enough evidence pile up and there is a Prima
reason to charge her then, that is the way Malawi will take and, we do not want any foreign politicians
meddling in trying to stop us from following our own laws procedurally.
Her Excellency Joyce Banda was involved in the Cash-gate issues, then let the chips fall where they may ( “……a Juror does not sit to dispense justice as
a favour, but to determine where it lies, and he has sworn, not that he will
favour whomever he pleases , but that he will try the case according to the
….”. Plato; In defence of Socrates, Euthyphro, and Crito by David
Gallop) and the sooner her powerful friends understand that principle the
better – our sovereignty as a Nation State needs to be respected.
 The Roving Former President; Her Excellency Joyce Banda: The Roving Former President; Her Excellency Joyce Banda

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